Saturday, December 01, 2012

12 Beers of Christmas - Gladstone Hotel

Gladstone Hotel is a great source of fun events that are either free or very inexpensive to attend. Last night was a great example, with the launch of the first annual 12 Beers of Christmas. A number of breweries were on site offering free tastings. Each guest was given 6 free tasting tickets at the door (yes, people, free beer) and attendees were invited to don their ugliest Christmas sweater to create some extra cheer (some of which really took this challenge to heart!). Christmas music was playing, the hosts were appropriately decked out in Christmas gear and were very entertaining, and the Beer Festival reps were on site selling tickets to the 2013 event. It was a great night and definitely something I will keep an eye on for next year. Lacking an ugly Christmas sweater myself, I now have some shopping to do in preparation.

WHAT: 12 Beers of Christmas - Free Beer Tasting Party

WHERE: Melody Bar, Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. West

WHEN: November 30, 6:00-9:00 pm

COST: Free
INSIDER TIPS: To avoid waiting in line, arrive early (come on, people - nothing brings out the crowds like free beer!). To snatch one of several tables left in the space once the beer merchants are accommodated, arrive extra early. My friends and I were lucky to snatch the coveted couch arrangement right by the window and we spent the night drinking in style. You can too if you plan ahead. I would also highly recommend keeping an eye on Gladstone Hotel's events page and liking their Facebook page for updates.

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