Saturday, December 22, 2012

Style & Fashion Holiday Soiree

While initially holding infinite promise, this event was not quite what I expected and unfortunately didn't live up to its branding. When I first received the invitation from The Kit Beauty and Fashion to their Style & Fashion Holiday Soiree featuring complimentary cocktails and cupcakes, I envisioned a rather more refined evening with well-dressed stylish people. I duly recruited a very fashionable friend and the two of us met up for dinner (which was fantastic) before heading over to the "soiree" (which was a letdown). In fact, had we not seen the invitation, it could have been a regular night in just about any nightclub, a scene that neither of us has much appreciation for. In fact, just about the only fashion-related event of the evening was the fact that designer Evan Biddell was dancing not two steps away from us with his models.
Despite our initial disappointment, my trusty fashionista friend and I put our minds to it and decided to have fun regardless. Against all odds, we lasted a whopping 1.5 hrs and got some good cardio exercise on the dance floor, at which point a couple of very persistent guys looking for someone to take home at the end of the night made us beat a hasty retreat. Still, we managed to enjoy our evening and collected our free drinks and got our pictures takes with Santa before calling it a night. Overall, though, this was more of a night of lessons learned than a fun fashion-forward event I had in mind. If you enjoy the club scene, keep an eye out for these. Personally, this isn't one I will be keeping on my list for next year.

WHAT: Style & Fashion Holiday Soiree (read: club night)

WHERE: Cube - 314 Queen St. W.

WHEN: Friday, December 21, 2012

COST: $3 (coat check)

INSIDER TIPS: This event is only suitable for those who enjoy the club scene. If you do, this is a cheap night out, as you pay no cover, get line bypass, and get started off with a free drink. We also saw flyers and posters inside for at least two other free events in the future. Personally, here are some lessons learned from the night:
  1. Any  event that starts after 10pm is likely to be a club night, despite the more sophisticated (and misleading) wording used in the invitation.
  2. The club scene behooves people to drink in order not to feel completely out of place, and is a very entertaining people-watching experience when one is not drinking.
  3. I have very low tolerance for drunk people bumping into me and random guys invading my personal space.
  4. You can still have fun when you put your mind to it, wherever you end up.
  5. I really need to stop listening to mainstream radio - I actually knew the lyrics to the vast majority of the songs that were played despite not particularly liking most of them.

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