Saturday, January 05, 2013

Noble Street Antiques Pop-Up Launch Party

Random pop-up shows are a particular favourite of mine and tonight was no exception. Goodfellas Gallery hosted a Noble Street Antiques Pop Up Launch Party tonight and once again it was a great spot to hang out.

The space itself is very interesting, housing numerous artists, some of which were onsite and working away. The gracious hosts - along with their friendly dogs - chatted up the visitors and provided impromptu tours of the space. Overall, a very chill and enjoyable evening full of friendly people and interesting conversations.

WHAT: Noble Street Antiques Pop Up Launch Party

WHERE: Goodfellas Gallery, 1266 Queen St. W.
COST: Free

INSIDER TIPS: Goodfellas Gallery hosts rotating art exhibitions on a monthly basis, as well as occasional pop-up events, I would recommend keeping an eye them to stay atop upcoming events.

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