Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Nonprofit 911 Webinar

Network For Good features a fantastic resource centre to help nonprofits do the work that they do. One of the tools they offer is a series of fantastic free webinars. These are aimed at nonprofits - and fundraising in particular - but a lot of the information presented is very much applicable to business in general. Even if you have nothing to do with nonprofits, you may still find these very fresh and educational. As they say, inquisitive minds want to know.

After the webinar, the full recording and slides are available for review and can be accessed here. The webinar that I attended - "5 Technology Shifts That Will Change Nonprofits in 2013" - had almost 1200 participants tuning in and was a great experience that has definitely left me with some food for thought and a few additional resources to explore. Highly recommended!

WHAT: Nonprofit 911 Webinar

WHERE: At a computer near you (also available by teleconference only)

WHEN: Check website for upcoming webinars

COST: Free

INSIDER TIPS: Be sure to sign up in advance and bring a pair of headphones with you if you are doing this from your work computer. Also heed the recommendation of logging in 10 mins in advance because part of that time is used to install WebEx on your terminal to allow you to participate in the webinar.

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