Friday, June 28, 2013

Redpath Waterfront Festival

Tall ships were back in Toronto last weekend for the Redpath Waterfront Festival in commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812. The full fleet was stretched out along the waterfront from the HTO Park all the way to the Sherbourne Common. The festival itself was free but those looking for an extra kick could purchase tickets for deck tours of these majestic vessels. I stopped by on the Friday in between two other events and had a great time. There was food, music, sightseeing, giveaways, and a whole host of activities for both adults and kids. Definitely worth checking out.

In addition to providing a lot of visual stimulation, this festival is quite informative, with information boards posted throughout and cultural reenactments of life in the 1800s. If you made the trek further east to Sugar Beach (a bit of a walk and not quite a pleasant stroll with all the construction), you could also catch some quality live music at the beach with the EMERGE Artists Showcase. I spent a great hour there enjoying some free PEI fries and mussels while listening to some great tunes and enjoying a live Flyboard demonstration (that stuff is way cool!).

WHAT: Redpath Waterfront Festival

WHERE: Harbourfront

WHEN: June 20-23, 2013

COST: Free (excludes deck tours)

INSIDER TIPS: There is a lot of construction in that part of the city due to the ongoing revitalization project. If you are driving, pack your patience and give yourself a lot of extra time. The Harbourfront is also easily accessible by TTC and the easiest thing to do is to walk down from Union Station. Also, be sure to check out the entire stretch - different stops along the waterfront had different food, activities, tall ships, and giveaways. All were worth the trouble.

These were free with a contest entry
Free PEI grub
Flyboard show - definitely impressive!

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