Friday, March 29, 2013


Eventbrite hosted another event in Toronto this week, this time a happy hour type of event at an Entertainment District pub. Anyone could attend as long as they pre-registered online and the guests were treated to one free drink and some appetizers on the house. Jamie, their Marketing Manager, was on hand to chat about Eventbrite and answer any questions, but there was also no particular pressure to network if you didn't feel like it.

As per usual, I recruited some friends and we headed over for an after-work drink before moving on to our evening plans. The room was not overcrowded, so after schmoozing for a bit, we grabbed a table and spent some time catching up. The food came out around 6 pm (the event ran from 5-7 pm), which was shortly after I got there and thus quite perfect from my point of view. To polish off the night, Jamie announced that she will be sending an email to the attendees with $100 credit towards their first Eventbrite event. Not a bad deal!

WHAT: BriteDrinksTO - Happy Hour with Eventbrite at The Office Pub

WHERE: The Office Pub, 117 John St

WHEN: March 28, 2013 - 5:00-7:00 pm

COST: Free

INSIDER TIPS: Nothing I haven't said before - if you're not sure about something and it doesn't require a huge investment or time commitment on your part, it's worth checking it out. Not only is deviating from your normal routine fun, you also never know who you might meet or what might come from it. And if it happens to come with some free food and drinks, then you hardly stand anything to lose, do you now? :)

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