Friday, May 17, 2013

Back at The Catalysts - An Intimate Evening with Jason Collett

Globe and Mail's The Catalysts event series was back this week with another Toronto event and you can bet it was circled in my calendar as one not to miss. This time, the guest of honour was Jason Collett and we were treated to an intimate music performance. All things considered, the event as a whole wasn't quite as fabulous as our evening out with Curtis Stone last month, but it was a great night and, really, that bar was set so high last time that I would be surprised if anything else compared. This isn't to take anything away from Jason - it's only to give due to the incredible energy and excitement that Curtis brings.

Back to Jason. The evening had a slightly different format this time - there was no private VIP portion and the main presentation was more of a sit-down interview peppered with performances than a solid music set. The crowd was significantly smaller this time, which made for a much more intimate event. People were also more spread out because Liberty Grand's beautiful patio was open for business this time around and we were almost sad to go back inside for the main presentation, as it was a beautiful day and we were basking in the sun. Once back inside, we scored a seat at the end of the room and were able to enjoy the show in comfort. However, the sound wasn't quite loud/clear enough during the interview parts, so I personally had to strain a little bit to catch what was being said. The parts that I did make out were enough to assure me that Jason is pretty funny and very candid (yes, there was talk about girls back in high school).
Other than a few little tweaks, the rest of the event had all the same fantastic elements we enjoyed so much last time - fantastic catering, open bar, and generous gift bags. The winner is being announced shortly, I believe, so I am not sure if there will be any more of these coming. But if there are, we will gladly attend again. These events are great! And it's a great way to discover something new. Prior to this event, I had no idea what a big deal Jason is and now I've come across diehard fans who have started to open my eyes. And I really do enjoy his music - the take-home CDs from our gift bags will definitely be on rotation this weekend as I'm painting my parents' deck.

WHAT: The Catalysts Event Series - An Intimate Evening with Jason Collett

WHERE: Liberty Grand, 25 British Columbia Rd (Exhibition Place)

WHEN: May 15 - 6-9 pm

COST: Free (through invite list; I believe you could also buy tickets for $30)

INSIDER TIPS: The only tip I didn't mention last time is proper footwear. Many people dress up for these events and standing around in sky-high heels can get a little tiring. Now that the patio is open, there are many more places to sit down, but most people will still be standing for a good half of the event while the presentation/performance takes place. Plan accordingly!

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